Monday, 6 April 2020


Welcome to our website! We have been raising Champagnes since 1972 in lovely Victoria, BC, Canada. We have a small herd and we strive to maintain quality through ARBA registration of our breeding stock.


We will have some upcoming juniors this spring. We are going through some litters now that were born in January 2020, and keeping only a small number to grow out. Here is one doe, 430CH, that we're pretty excited about (sire Mountain View's Reynard, dam Cedar Hill's Maraline, born Jan. 16, 2020, age two months in the photo, so not completely silvered out yet):

Pictured below: doe (433CH) born Jan.16, 2020 by Merkel Farm's Lionel and out of Cedar Hill's Cosette (421CH):

Brother (434CH) to doe (433CH) above:

Doe (436CH) by Merkel Farm's Lionel out of Cedar Hill's Carmine (415CH), born Jan. 29, 2020:

Buck (435CH) brother to doe (436CH) above:

We may have some proven, registered senior breeding stock available later this spring. Please contact us for details.

A successful Fall fair show season!